People of Quality™: Recommendations from the Horde

As you may know, The Awesommolier started as an offshoot of my other Twitter handle, @LaBarceloneta. Originally, I was resistant to the #FollowFriday phenomenon, and then, as I realized its value in introducing cool folks to other cool folks (one of the nobler goals of Twitter, I think), I embraced it more ambitiously. The Awesommolier was created to act as an agent of recommendation, a persona I could adopt to say to the Faithful Horde (i.e., the amazing group of people who follow me as @LaBarceloneta) “Oi, follow this one, they’re good for a laugh!”

The Awesommolier has expanded to nouns beyond the original Tweeters I originally endorsed, but in the spirit of its creation I’m going to move my #FollowFriday recommendations here, pared down to a mere three a week, with the reasons I follow them (and why I think you should, too).

So, with that in mind, I present this week’s People of Quality™!

This is the man they call Irant.


I first met Kevin (or “Ranty” as I call him) via a series of sarcastic exchanges on “The Twitter.” Eventually, I discovered he is one of the few souls able to deftly combine marketing pizazz with a genuine dedication to altruism as well as commerce.  Follow him for funny and informative tweets that help connect people looking to make a difference.



Leigh is an amazing photographer and super-positive. She elevates twitter beyond conversation to interaction. In her own words she is “75% photog, 3% uberdork, 92% adoring wife and mom, 2.7% mathmatically inept, 12% blogger, 9% superhero, 3% spy,” but in my book she is 100% awesome!



Megan writes an epistolary blog called “Love, Megan” that is well-written and hilarious. She’s guest-posted on my other blog, Claire De Lunacy, and is, among other things, a super-nice person. Follow her for funny, sincere conversation.

Now that you’ve met some awesome new friends, why not take a minute to click the SocialVibe link in the upper-right of my blog?
By clicking through and doing a little “trick or treating,” you help not only The Art of Elysium but the other charities sponsored. Make sure you click “I’m finished trick-or-treating” when you’re done, and leave your name and message so I know you stopped by (and also so your activity will count toward the art projects we’re generating for hospitalized kids). Thanks!

3 responses to “People of Quality™: Recommendations from the Horde

  1. Saw your SV badge so I stopped by to give it a click and check out your blog. Great cause.


  2. I don’t know how I missed this blog, but I’m subscribed now – and thank you for the recs… Already was a fan of Fleurdeleigh.. ;o)

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