Monday’s Dose of Awesome: Whoo-hoo (ga)!

Free boots = Awesome

Free boots = Awesome

Ah, the Ugg boot. For some, it is the epitome of comfort and cool. For others, it is a passe trend best left to the fashion-challenged (a fact for which we can thank the legions of starlets apparently unable to wear anything else on their feet). However, regardless of your viewpoint on these iconic boots, the ones I’m writing about today are infused with awesome purely by virtue of being FREE.

For those of you not acquainted with your boot history, Ugg boots have been made and worn in Australia for over 200 years. They’re usually made of Merino sheepskin and fleece, which gives them exceptional softness and a “comfy” factor that belies their name (which is Australian slang for “ugly”).

As time has passed, however, “Ugg Boot” has gone the way of Kleenex, Jell-O and Peter Frampton (ok, not that last one), with the copyrighted term slowly devolving into the general term for all items of its type.

Which brings us to WhoogaBoots. These are ugg-style boots that feature something called ThermoFleece™ technology. Now, as I am not a scientist (I merely play one on TV and at poorly-guarded laboratories), I will not attempt to deconstruct the amazing scientific properties of ThermoFleece™; instead, I will present this simple formula:

Your feet + ThermoFleece™ = Toasty toes of happiness

And now, you can win a pair of your very own, every single precious month, by entering the contest being hosted over at You can also learn about Ugg Boot myths (I’m picturing theories about whether Sasquatch wears Uggs, or how the Loch Ness Monster is actually a rogue Ugg on an overturned boat), get maintenance tips, and, of course, decide how you will say the word “whooga” when describing your boots to friends (I recommend a tugboat-whistle sound accompanied by arm-tugging motions).

Here’s the link to the contest: WIN FREE WHOOGA BOOTS!

Having made your play for some free foot loot, please take a moment to click the link on the right-hand side of this page. The Art of Elysium is a GREAT (dare I say, awesome) charity that provides art projects to sick and injured kids in hospitals nationwide. Just by clicking through and completing an activity, you can provide art projects (and, by extension, fun, education and much-needed stimulation) to kids who are, in many cases, far from home, trapped in a hospital bed with nothing to do. Remember, the most awesome thing you can do is help someone else!

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